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NinetyRight 16" Square Table Leg Bracket Set (2-pack) – Clear Coat

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Clear Coat

• 16" long X 3" wide X 16" tall, .125" thick
• Each pre-drilled hole is .25" in diameter

Ninety Right table leg brackets are manufactured here in the USA in central Wisconsin out of 1/8" X 3" steel. Bent at a perfect 90-degree angle for sturdiness and clear powder coated for extra durability. Each set comes with two leg brackets. Stable enough to support 350+ lbs while still keeping a low profile to add a modern look that compliments your room. The .25" pre-drilled holes make for easy assembly, simply attach your desired top material. 

Bracket Spacing
For maximum strength and your safety, we recommend that the bracket makes up at least 1/2 of the top board depth. To support longer top boards it is recommended that you use the following as a guideline for the number of brackets required:

0” - 60” = 2 Brackets
61” - 120” = 3 Brackets
121” - 172” = 4 Brackets
173” - 230” = 5 Brackets
231” - 300” = 6 Brackets

*Hardware is not included as different materials require different hardware.

Product # NR-STL16