Extra Side Braces for Boat Ramp Kits - Use with SD-2000, SD-1200, RS-2000, RS-1200

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SD-WSB Extra Bracing Kit includes 2-braces and attaching hardware for extending the length of your boat ramp. Strengthens rail beams to cross members when extending your ramp. Pressure-treated lumber not included. Distributed by Tommy Docks.

  • Braces hold rail beams and cross members at a 90° angle
  • For use with SD-1200, RS-1200, SD-2000, & RS-2000 models of ShoreDocker boat ramps
  • Braces are hot-dipped galvanized for superior corrosion resistance
  • Attaching bolts included

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Product Number: SD-WSB
UPC: 724785942019