Extra Boat Ramp Rollers - Use with product SD-2000

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Extra Roller Kit for extending the length of your model SD-2000 Boat Ramp up to 32-ft. Use in conjunction with a pair of Part # WSB side braces. Extra rollers reduce rolling resistance while winching your boat up the ramp. Pressure-treated lumber not included. The extra roller set includes 4 rollers, 2 tiltable axles, and hardware.

  • Use 1 set of rollers and side braces for every 24-in. to 48-in. of additional length added, kit includes 2 articulating pairs of rollers and attaching brackets
  • Non-marking articulating polyurethane rollers protect the finish on your watercraft
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel attaching brackets for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Comes complete with attaching hardware

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Product Number: RS-2000
UPC: 724785942002