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Leslie Lightcraft - Mark I - Navy

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The Mark I Navy vessel is one of three flagship vehicles for the Lightcraft brand. The fully assembled Lightcraft will come ready for use complete with; durable foam standing deck, stainless steel cup holder, two long stowage compartments, four water-secure stowage bags, four secure rope cleats, multiple handles, and two re-attachable fins for ease of transport.

  • The Lightcraft’s unique space-aged composition hull has a high, ultraviolet protectant embedded into it, so the deep color and gloss will not fade.
  • All Lighcrafts are made in the United States of America. 
  • The watercraft is 12 inches high, 33 inches wide, 11.5 feet long and weighs 70 lbs.
  • The pontoons are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) a NASCAR-type of plastic that is anti-microbial so algae won't grow on it.
  • The deck is made of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene which is a durable industrial plastic similar to what is used for pipes.
  • The deck pad is made of closed-cell water resistant marine grade Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) which is a good grip for bare feet.
  • All of the watercrafts materials are 100% recyclable